Hi, I’m Meg Mac Donald. I’m a science fiction and fantasy author living in Michigan with my husband, children, one Norwegian Elkhound, and a clowder of cats. Yes, our place really is bigger on the inside!

My fiction and poetry have appeared in Weird Tales, Masques of Darkover, The Temporal Logbook, and other anthologies. My Doctor Who fiction has appeared in the online zines Inferno Fiction and Cosmic Masque. I published an award-winning small press magazine, PANDORA, for several years.

Meg at Chicago Tardis

My debut novel, OATH SWORN, is a #noblebright second world gaslamp fantasy and the first in a trilogy.  OATH SWORN was launched in December 2018.  I invite you to join my mailing list and be among the first to hear news about this and upcoming projects.

Welcome to my website, and welcome to the world of Askierran!