I’ve Been Neglecting this Page

Hello, WordPress.  I’ve been neglecting you.  I was sort of thinking I would chronicle my experience with Kindle Scout here, but to be honest, I’ve been sort of busy with Other Things.

There are always Other Things.

I can tell you this: it seems to be impossible NOT to obsess once you launch a Kindle Scout campaign.  I mean, you want to check your stats everyday.  This is especially true when you are campaigning alongside a couple of friends and comparing notes.  Looking at you, Mark and Linn.  If your book is in Hot and Trending, you do back springs and feel a delicious sense of accomplishment and dare to hope that YOUR BOOK might be one of the lucky few.  Then your stats flat line and you are plunged into despair and self doubt and scramble around on Twitter and Facebook, hoping you aren’t making a fool (and a nuisance) out yourself.  And you surf the web looking for advice on promos and find countless opinions on whether or not to invest in your campaign and how much to spend and where to spend it if you’re going to spend it (if you have it to spend at all).

I’ve spent a little.  Not a ton.  Tried to pick and choose.  Be smart.  Met some nice folks along the way.  So… we’ll see what happens.  Tonight, I’m doing a few cautious steps of the Happy Snoopy Dance again because Wolf’s Oath is once again trending after several days of “meh” following a magnificent launch.

It ain’t over until it is over.  Not sure anyone is coming to this page.  I’ll try to write more for those of you that do.  And post pretty pictures or something.  You’d probably like to see cats.  Everyone likes to see pictures of cats.

Ad astra!