Not Snowed In (Yet)

Well, we aren’t snowed in yet this weekend, but this is Michigan. In February. Don’t like the weather? Wait a minute.

Dinor’s Candy Kisses (aka “Ceilidh”)


Like much of the country, we’ve had our share of snow, ice, freezing rain, ice, snow…you get the picture.  Badger, my youngest (don’t blame me, she gave herself that nickname when she was little), missed a solid week of school and hasn’t had a full week since going back after the holidays.  Even the colleges and universities were closed.  My eldest was beginning to wonder if she would ever actually attend a chemistry class this semester. Ice, snow, slush, rain, snow…come on, Michigan.  Have a Vernors.  Get it together.  Just think, spring is coming and with it, a season of MUD, followed by more freezing rain and snow.  In April.  This is why we own Jeeps.  Two of them. And a Norwegian Elkhound.  The cats aren’t too crazy about the snow.

As for me, I’m revising the second book in the Wolf’s Oath saga. Spring has come to the Northern Alliance, but Aralt and Lian’s troubles are far from over.  Harlyk Graftmeer proves to a less than hospitable host and their only way out of town looks like a reaper wagon.  Things have to get better after that, right?  Think again.  Aralt was warned not to go to Porloch.


Whatever would I do without furry editors?

If you’ve stopped by my website (pardon the dust, I’m working on it) that probably means that you’ve picked up the book.  If you haven’t, today’s your lucky day.  OATH SWORN will be FREE on Amazon February 15th-17th.  I hope you enjoy reading about Aralt, Lian, Scanlin and all the rest as much as I enjoy writing about them.

Deep Peace, dear hearts.  Remember the sea.