World of Askierran

In the world of Oath † Sworn, skyships sail above tidal extremes, jewelers “Tune” crystal swords, cultures and ideologies clash, and the soul-touched–like young Lian Kynsei–inspire both devotion and fear.

Defending Lian against soulless assassins is not what Aralt “Wolf” syr Tremayne agreed to. Nor did he agree to be the guardian of an irrational teenaged Keeper of the Faith—a faith to which he has grown increasingly indifferent.  But if not Lian, then who will seize the reins of power?  Surely not Aralt, whose ambitions never included ruling a country.  But if not Aralt, then who will protect Lian from adversaries both within and without the realm?   Armed with the Tuned sword that is all he has left of his murdered brother, Aralt endeavors to secure a sanctuary for a reluctant boy who never anticipated his elevated status.  When that sanctuary is violated, they seek another, knowing that every step brings them closer to danger and closer to revealing secrets neither wishes to share.  The enemy has made the skies their own and unleashed a scourge intent on killing Lian—and anyone who stands in their way.

Oath † Sworn, a stand-alone novel, begins the first book in the epic, second-world, gaslamp fantasy Wolf’s Oath trilogy! Blood † Sworn, the second book in the series, is coming in 2020. The trilogy will conclude with Soul † Sworn, but the series will continue!