Oath † Sworn

Cover of Oath Sworn by Meg MacDonaldOath man’s sacred oath.

One boy’s sacred duty.

One enemy seeking to make the skies his own.

Their decisions will shape a nation in ways none of them anticipated—but it may cost them their souls.

Defending Lian against soulless assassins is not what Aralt “Wolf” syr Tremayne agreed to.  Nor did he agree to be the guardian of an irrational teenaged Keeper of the Faith. And he certainly did not plan on sky pirates or cannibals!

Aralt has his hands full. The Grand Meeting of the Northern Alliance is just days away and Lian Kynsei, last of the soul-touched and missing for three years, has landed on his doorstep.  A man of his word, Aralt has every intention of protecting his ward, but did he have to show up now?  What’s worse, the more they get reacquainted, the less Aralt likes him. He’s reckless, emotional, and when he’s angry even the weather changes. This is the hope of a nation?

Armed with the Tuned sword that is all he has left of his murdered brother, Aralt endeavors to secure a sanctuary for a reluctant boy who never anticipated his elevated status.  When that sanctuary is violated, they seek another, knowing that every step brings them closer to danger and closer to revealing secrets neither wishes to share.  The enemy has made the skies their own and unleashed a scourge intent on killing Lian—or worse. Death, Aralt realizes, might be the greater mercy.

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